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Pima County
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Candidates for County Offices
More detailed Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates are found by clicking the hyperlink to the Secretary of State's website here and at the bottom of the page

Clerk of the Superior Court
Gary Harrison (D)
Gary Harrison - clerk of the superior court.PNG
Toni Hellon (R)*
Toni Hellon - clerk of sc.jpg
Constable- Precinct 2
Esther Gonzalez (D)*
Esther Gonzalez - constable 2.jpg
 Anna Lynn (D)
No found photo.png
Constable- Precinct 3
Jose Gonzalez (D)*
JoseGonzales - constable 3.jpg
Constable- Precinct 5
Margaret Cummings (R)*
Margaret Cummings - constable 5.jpg
Justice of the Peace- Precinct 1
Anne Segal (I)
Anne Segal - jp 1.PNG
Adam Watters (R)*
adam watters - jp 1.png
Justice of the Peace- Precinct 3
John Peck (D)
John Peck - jp 3.jpg
Justice of the Peace- Precinct 5
Keith Bee II (R)
Keith Bee II - jp 5.jpeg
Doug Taylor (R)
Doug Taylor - JP 5.jpg
Justice of the Peace- Precinct 7
Raymond Carroll (R)*
Raymond Carroll - jp 7.jpg
Janie Stover (R)
No found photo.png
Justice of the Peace- Precinct 8
Susan Bacal (D)*
Susan Bacal - JP 8.jpg
For information on Federal, Statewide, and Legislative candidates for the 2018 Primary Election please click the Secretary of State's website here.