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Advocacy: Policy Positions and Resolutions
Within each section the most recent item is listed first 

Press Release - Border Sheriffs Offer Community Outreach & Awareness September 9, 2016
Arizona Sheriffs Support PACT Act
December 21, 2015
ASA Position Paper: Body-Worn Cameras
December 10, 2015
ACASA Op-Ed: Civil Asset Forfeitures April 23, 2015
Sheriffs Respond - FCC Rulemaking on Inmate Calling January 20, 2015 
Sheriffs Urge Congress to Oppose Increased Semi-Truck Weights/Lengths October 20, 2014
Resolution- Sheriffs Oppose Mexican Wolf Expansion October 2, 2014
Policy Statement - Sheriffs Oppose Mexican Wolf Expansion October 1, 2014
Sheriffs Urge Legislature to Support County Budget Priorities February 26, 2014

Open Letter - Sheriffs Respond to Border Strike Force Proposal November 30, 2015
Open Letter - Stand Against Gaps in Federal Priority Enforcement Program (PEP)
August 5, 2015

Policy Statement - Sheriffs Respond to Executive Action on Immigration
December 8, 2014

Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice Funding
Sheriffs Urge Congress to Support Byrne JAG Funding March 19, 2015
Sheriffs Oppose Diversion of LEBSF July 26, 2011

State Prisons - County Jails
Governor Ducey's Response to Sheriffs' Concerns with DOC RFP July 21, 2015
Sheriffs Share DOC RFP Concerns with Governor Ducey June 16, 2015
Sheriffs Oppose Mandatory Shifts of State Prisoners to County Jails March 4, 2010

Sheriffs Oppose Prop 205 Recreational Marijuana September 8, 2016
Resolution- ACASA Opposes the Legalization of Marijuana
July 16, 2014
Sheriffs Support Medicaid Expansion February 11, 2013
Sheriffs Oppose Prop 203 (Medical Marijuana) September 29, 2010

Forest Travel Management
Sheriffs Express Concerns Forest Service Fossil Creek Plan January 24, 2017
Sheriffs Support Reasonable Travel Management Plan
February 24, 2014
Resolution - Oppose Trailer Parking Rules During Hunting Season
September 2013
Sheriffs Urge WSSA to Oppose Forest Service Travel Management Plan March 14, 2013

Search and Rescue
Sheriffs Share Importance of SAR Coordinator Position April 1, 2015