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County Government Platform
What is the County Government Platform?

AACo each year facilitates a process to identify the unifying priorities of Arizona's fifteen
county governments and the hundreds of elected county officials that lead their
communities.  County leaders identify public policy priorities of importance to their
office and their community and then work with the Arizona Association of Counties to
discuss those issues statewide with other county officials and other stakeholders.

The County Government Platform is created by the AACo Board of Directors by
voting on each of the proposals submitted by Arizona's county officials.

Please direct all questions to our Senior Legislative Associates: 
  • Trey Williams at  or 
  • Megan Kintner at .

2018 County Government 
Platform -
Adopted by the Board of Directors on November 16, 2017

Fiscal Measures
Improvements on Possessory Rights- Expand 42-19003 to include federal, municipal, and tribal lands to better assess properties defined as improvements on possessory rights for personal property taxes. 

Property Tax Exemptions - 
Reorganize the constitutional provisions for property tax exemptions and modify them to extend the exemption to veterans all widows and widowers who are Arizona residents regardless of their residency at the time of their spouse's death.

County Elected Officials Salary Adjustment -  Adjust county elected official salaries stipulated in A.R.S. 11-419 and 12-281. There is no impact to the state general fund.

Efficiency Measures
Ballot-by-Mail- Allow, not require, the county to send out all ballots by mail to potentially defray the costs and improve efficiencies of conducting physical polling place elections.

Bond Election Arguments -
 Conform school bond pro/con statements to the same general requirements as school budget override pro/con statements.  
Campaign Finance Appeals- Ensure that appeals from an agency action can be litigated in Superior Court and not pursuant to the Uniform Administrative Appeals Procedures.

Early Voting Vote Centers- Extend the time for early voting by eliminating the strict deadline in statute to afford flexibility to counties with enhanced election technologies. Also, clarify that vote centers may also be used as early ballot replacement centers and early voting sites, and that the rules regarding behavior at the polling places still applies to these locations. 

County School Superintendent Annual Report - Remove vague and confusing language related to the county school superintendent approving a school district's Annual Financial Report.

Prorate Exemptions - Institute statewide uniformity for prorating exemptions if a property enters or leaves the ownership of an exempt organization during the middle of the calendar year.

Statutory Clean-Up: Punch Card & Lever Machines - Remove all references to outdated equipment and processes, including references to lever machines, punch cards, ballot cards, ballot labels, and stubs and tally boards (except write-in tally boards). Also, clarify that the indicator for the voter to make their choice can be on the right or left. 

State Board of Equalization Qualification Uniformity - Prohibit a person from being appointed to the State Board of Equalization within two years of engaging in business as a tax agent to achieve uniformity with an identical requirement currently applied to former employees of the Arizona State Department of Law, Department of Revenue, a county attorney, or a county assessor. 

Teacher Certificate Data Sharing - Require the State Board of Education to provide access to the teachers' certification database, thereby eliminating the inefficient processes of providing copies to the districts and the county schools superintendents. 

County Treasurer Revisions - Allow for electronic copies of paper records to ensure electronic records meet current statutory requirements; allow county Treasurers to provide tax lien auction information online to reduce advertising requirements for tax lien auctions in print newspapers; and remove the requirement that county Treasurers notify tax lien purchasers via certified mail. 

120 Day Election Notice - Apply the existing 120-day notice requirement that special districts use to call an election to schools, cities, and towns as well. 

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