State Response & Action

Arizona Response to COVID-19


Past State Action

  • On April 29, Governor Ducey announced the "Stay at Home" and the out of state travel restrictions have been extended in Arizona through May 15, 2020. Additionally, the Governor mentioned that the plan will be to open everything over the next weeks and months. View the Executive Orders here.
  • On April 22, Governor Ducey issued an Executive Order removing restrictions on conducting elective surgeries for hospitals, health care facilities and providers that meet certain preparedness criteria.
    Under the new order, hospitals, dental offices and other health facilities can resume conducting elective surgeries on May 1 if they can show they have implemented measures intended to keep health care workers and patients safe.
    These include:
    • Demonstrating greater than a 14 day supply of PPE;
    • Ensuring adequate staffing and beds;
    • Testing patients prior to surgery and all at-risk health care workers;
    • Ensuring appropriate discharge plans for patients being transferred to nursing care facilities, including diagnostic testing for COVID-19;
    • Implementing a universal symptom screening process for staff, patients, and visitors;
    • Establishing an enhanced cleaning process for waiting areas;
    • And prioritizing the restart of elective surgeries based on urgency.
    • Facilities that meet the specified standards will need to receive approval from the Department of Health Services before resuming elective surgeries. The order shall be considered for repeal or revision every two weeks
    • On March 30,  Governor Ducey announced and issued an Executive Order is titled "Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected," and unique to Arizona, includes a strong focus on mental health. The order encourages Arizonans to participate in outdoor activities, as long as they are accompanied by social distancing measures. Additionally, it stresses the need for "social connectedness" -- a concern of public safety and public health officials, especially among our senior population and those struggling with depression and suicide.
    • Arizona state tax deadline has been extended to July 15th, though the deadline to make charitable contributions is still April 15th. More information can be found here.
  • ADHS, in partnership with Governor Ducey, announced the Arizona Testing Blitz, a three-day event to increase COVID-19 testing in Arizona on May 2, May 9, and May 16. Additional partners are expected to be added as the week continues. An up to date list of participating sites will be available at
  • FAQs regarding the process to resume elective surgeries are now available on the ADHS website. These are meant to accompany the exemption request form.
  • ADHS continues to get questions about antibody (serology) testing. At this time, it is not known whether a positive test demonstrates that an individual has immunity to COVID-19. For this reason, it is important that Arizonans who have a positive antibody or serology test continue to take precautions to prevent becoming infected with COVID-19. ADHS is working with UofA and other partners to better understand antibody testing and how it can best be utilized as a tool for diagnosis or evidence of immunity.
    • Also of note, only a handful of serology tests are currently approved by FDA. These are listed on the FDA website, which is routinely updated.
  • On March 30, Governor Ducey and Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman issued a joint statement, that all Arizona Schools are closed for the remainder of the school year. 
  • On March 30, Governor Ducey announced a cooperative agreement with the state’s banks to protect small businesses and families from eviction and foreclosure. Banks also committed to expediting the application and approval of small business loans as part of the $349 billion Paycheck Protection Program passed by Congress and signed into law last week.
  • On March 30, Governor Ducey today announced $5 million in new funding to help Arizonans struggling to make rent due to COVID-19. The new dollars will be included as part of a Rental Eviction Prevention Assistance Program being launched by the Arizona Department of Housing and will help families and individuals who are facing a loss of income due to COVID-19 with monthly rent assistance.
  • On March 28, Governor Ducey signed an $11.8 billion budget that includes economic aid for those who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The state legislature passed the "skinny" budget last week and sits adjured until April 13th.
  • If not already closed, the following services shall cease operations no later than 5 p.m. on April 4, 2020, as these services cannot comply with the guidelines required in paragraph 11 of Executive Order 2020-18, directing Arizonans to Stay Home, Stay Healthy, and Stay Connected.
    • Barbers
    • Cosmetology, Hairstyling, Nail Salons and Aesthetic Salons
    • Tanning salons
    • Tattoo parlors
    • Spas
    • Massage parlors
  • In addition, the following services shall also cease operations by 5 p.m. Saturday, April 4:
    • Amenities at public parks that do not allow for recommended physical distancing or proper hygiene such as basketball courts, splash pads, playgrounds and public restrooms but public parks shall remain open to the greatest extent possible. 
    • complexes and parks, however, these should still be maintained under environmental and public health rules and guidelines.
    • Swap meets
  • The Governor’s Office also provided guidance related to the following services, which are considered essential and may continue operations:
    • Personal hygiene services including in-home services such as assistance with bathing and cleaning for vulnerable adults and those who are disabled.
    • Daycare centers providing care for individuals with children serving in any essential services category.
    • Hotels and motels, to the extent used for lodging, including RV Parks, and hotel and motel restaurants providing delivery or carryout food services.
    • Respite and palliative care.
    • Effective close of business Tuesday, March 31, Arizonans shall limit their time away from their place of residence or property, except:
      • To conduct or participate in essential activities, and/or;
      • For employment, to volunteer or participate in essential functions; or
      • To utilize any services or products provided by essential business services;
      • And for employment, if as a sole proprietor or family-owned business, work is conducted in a separate office space from your home and the business is not open to serve the public.
    • Essential businesses that remain open shall implement rules and procedures that facilitate physical distancing and spacing of individuals of at least 6 feet.
    • Businesses, operations, and activities deemed essential by the state were clarified here.
    • Arizonans are encouraged to improve social connectedness, resiliency, and help-seeking behavior.
    • Arizona schools state-wide are closed through the end of the school year.
    • All restaurants are required to provide dine-out options only.
    • All bars, movie theaters, and gyms are required to close.
    • All elective surgeries are halted in the state of Arizona.
    • If someone in your family has tested positive for COVID-19, keep the entire household at home and contact your medical provider.
    • All mass gatherings of 10 or more people must be canceled or postponed.