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As communities manage impacts related to the pandemic, many non-profit organizations stand on the front lines, providing basic necessities, wellness services, and support to those in need. Finances, staffs, programs and resources are being stretched as these non-profits not only serve their communities but feel the impact themselves. During these challenging times, we each have a responsibility, when we can, to lift those around us. As such Nationwide is providing a temporary resource center and building a website "The Hub" that will provide all the latest information on Nationwide and COVID-19. 

This Resource Center houses a few new features that have been prepared:

  • New “self-service” tutorial videos that serve as a reference that we can point participants to from the IVR to mitigate some of the top call reasons – setting up an account, navigation and using tools for modeling and exchanges.
  • Participant Webinars – facilitated by Nationwide Field Team on participant education topics.
  • Full video from Eric addressing the market, emotional investing and our commitment to extraordinary care.

The Hub! (Coming Soon) 

A central location for the most relevant and up-to-date information from Nationwide. The Hub has dedicated areas that will help to address the immediate concerns of our participants, including:

  • Timely operational updates
  • A message from our president, Eric Stevenson
  • Content/videos addressing market volatility and emotional investing
  • Self-service tutorial videos to help with account creation and password updates, as well as navigating their account
  • Access to existing education content, on-demand
  • Ability to register for live webinars on hot topics

We encourage you to become familiar with the Hub and direct plan sponsors and participants alike to visit and engage. The Hub will be available soon on and coming soon to approved custom plan sites.

CARES Act update

Important to note that for any COVID-19 participant related requests, Nationwide will waive or reimburse any Nationwide-imposed fees for all loan initiation, distribution or hardship withdrawals for participants in plans where those fees may apply effective from when the CARES Act was signed on March 27 through September 30, 2020. Additionally, we have elevated and accelerated our processes and our highly experienced contact center team will continue to ensure extraordinary care while assisting participants with COVID-19 related distribution requests.

We have proactively alerted Plan Sponsors with news related to the CARES Act – view here. And, while some provisions must first be formally adopted by the Plan Sponsor (and we encourage participants to check with their Plan Sponsor to confirm loan availability), if we receive a COVID-19 loan request from a participant where the Plan Sponsor has not allowed for loans, we will be reaching out to Plan Sponsors to get their approval to add it.

CARES Act resources:

Additional Resources: