Maricopa County


Maricopa County
County Seat: Phoenix 85003
 February 14, 1871
Administrative Building: 301 W. Jefferson, Phoenix 85003
Board of Supervisors, County Manager, Assessor, Attorney, Treasurer
Central Court: 201 W. Jefferson, Phoenix 85003
Superior Court & Clerk of the Superior Court
Customer Service: 601 W. Jackson, Phoenix 85003
Clerk of Court Records, Marriage Licenses and Passports  Downtown: 620 W. Jackson, Phoenix 85003
Justice Center: Clerk of Court Administration, Public Defender, Pretrial Services, Adult Probation
Durango Juvenile: 3131 W. Durango, Phoenix 85009
Court Center: Superior Court, Clerk of the Court
East Court B: 101 W. Jefferson, Phoenix 85003
NE Regular Court: 18380 N. 40th Street, Phoenix 85032
NW Regular Court: 14264 W. Tierra Buena, Surprise 85374
Old Courthouse: 125 W. Washington, Phoenix 85003
SE Court: 222 E. Javelina, Mesa 85210
SE Juvenile Court: 1810 S. Lewis, Mesa 85210
West Court Building: 111 S. 3rd Avenue, Phoenix 85003
Recorders & Elections
School Administration: 4041 N. Central Suite 1100, Phoenix 85012
Sheriff Administration: 550 W. Jackson Street, Phoenix 85003

General Information

  • Area Code 602
  • Administration 506-3011
  • TDD 506-2000
  • Area (total/% private): 9,200 square miles/30% 
  • Population: 4,485,000 (2019 estimate)
  • Standard Email
  • Board meets first & third Mondays and Wednesdays
  • Annual Meeting Notice is available online

    For the directory of Arizona’s cities and towns


301 W. Jefferson, Phoenix 85003

District 1Email Jack Sellers (Vice-Chairman)506-1776506-6362
District 2Email Steve Churcri506-7431506-6362
District 3Email Bill Gates506-7562506-6362
District 4Email Clint Hickman (Chairman)506-7642506-4989
District 5Email Steve Gallardo506-7092506-6524

County-Wide Elected Officials

All county offices are located at the Admin. Building, unless noted otherwise.

AssessorEmail Eddie Cook 506-3406506-3394Chief Deputy: Dawn Marie Buckland
Chief Appraiser: Tracy Johnston
AttorneyEmail Allister Adel506-3411506-8102Chief Deputy: Mark Faull
Deputy Chief Civil Services: Doug Irish
Deputy Chief Admin.: Edward Johnson
Deputy Chief Crim.: Michael McVey

Clerk of the
Superior Clerk
Email Jeff Fine506-3676506-7684Chief Deputy: Chris Kelly
Deputy Director: Nancy Rodriguez
Deputy Director: Michael Nimtz
620 W. Jackson,
Phoenix 85003
RecorderEmail Stephen Richer506-2825

506-4050Chief Deputy: Keely Varvel111 S. Third Avenue, Phoenix 85003
School SuperintendentEmail Steve Watson506-3361506-3753Chief Deputy: Matt Morales4041 N. Central Avenue, Ste. 1200, Phoenix 85012
SheriffEmail Paul Penzone876-1801

876-0058Chief Deputy: Russ Skinner
Chief of Staff: Stephaine Cherny
Executive Chief: Matt Giordano
Community Relations: James Collins
550 W. Jackson, Phoenix 85003
TreasurerEmail John Allen
506-8511506-1102Chief Deputy: Russell PearceN/A


ManagerJoy Rich506-3415
Deputy Manager Reid Spaulding506-6025
Assistant County Manager Valerie Beckett506-2623
Assistant County Manager Lee Ann Bohn  372-7020
Animal Care & ControlRobyn Jaynes506-8515
Air QualityVacant506-6010
AuditorMike McGee506-1585
Budget DirectorCindy Goelz  506-4010 
Chief Adult ProbationMichael Cimino506-7249
Chief Juvenile ProbationEric Meaux506-2011 
Clerk of the BoardFran McCarroll 506-3766
Communications/ News RoomFields Moseley 506-6453 
Correctional Health ServicesGrant Phillips876-7109 
ElectionScott Jarrett506-3535
Emergency ManagementRobert Rowley 273-1411 
Environmental Services Darcy Kober506-6616 
Facilities Management Rich Wegele506-1141 
FinanceJohn Lewis 506-3561 
Flood Control Steve Waters506-1501 
Government RelationsMichelle Hindman506-7075
Housing Authority Gloria Munoz744-4542
Human ResourcesN/A506-3755 
Human ServicesBruce Liggett506-5911 
IT Director/CIO Ed Winfield506-7116 
Legal Defender Sherri McGuire Lawson506-8800 
Library District Cindy Kolaczynski652-3000 
Medical ExaminerN/A506-3322 
Mental Health ServicesDawn Noggle876-7807
Parks & Recreation RJ Cardin 506-2930 
Planning & Development Jennifer Pokorski  506-3301
ProcurementKevin Tyne506-3967 
Public AdvocateSabrina Ayers Fisher 372-2815
Public Defender James Haas506-7228 
Public FiduciaryN/A506-5801 
Public HealthJeanene Fowler506-6601 
Risk Management Vacant506-6041 
Stadium District Daren Frank462-6462 
Transportation/EngineerJennifer Toth506-2400
Waste Resources & Recycling DepartmentN/A506-4006


PrecinctJustice of the PeaceConstableFaxAddress

Agua Fria Precinct

Email Joe Guzman
Phone: 372-8001

Email Doug Clark
Phone: 372-8192
372-820110420 W. Van Buren Street, Number 101
Avondale 85323
Arcadia Biltmore PrecinctEmail Leonore Driggs
Phone: 372-6300
Email Carolyn Lane
Phone: 372-6316
372-6412620 W. Jackson Street,
Phoenix 85003
Arrowhead PrecinctEmail Craig Wismer
Phone: 372-2000
Email Michael Branham
Phone: 372-2568
372-262014264 W. Tierra Buena Lane,
Surprise 85374 
Country Meadows PrecinctEmail Anna Huberman
Phone: 372-8000
Email Kenneth Sumner
Phone: 372-8823
372-802410420 W. Van Buren Street, Number 100
Avondale 85323
Desert Ridge PrecinctEmail Cathy Riggs
Phone: 372-7100
Email James Rich
Phone: 372-7756
 372-7912 18380 N. 40th Street, Number 130
Phoenix 85032
Downtown PrecinctEmail Enrique Medina Ochoa
Phone: 372-6300
Email Darlene Martinez
Phone: 372-6318
372-6406620 W. Jackson Street,
Phoenix 85003
Dreamy Draw PrecinctEmail Frank Conti
Phone: 372-7000
Rhys Torres
Phone: 372-7633
372-791118380 N. 40th Street,
Phoenix 85032 
East Mesa PrecinctEmail Keith Russell
Phone: 480-985-0188
Email Ken Allen
Phone: 480-985-0189
480-396-6327 4811 E. Julep, Number 128
Mesa 85205 
Encanto PrecinctEmail Ken Cheuvront
Phone: 372-6300
Email Maria Ligocki-Russell
Phone: 372-6310
N/A620 W. Jackson Street,
Phoenix 85003 
Hassayampa PrecinctEmail Miles Keegan
Phone: 372-2000
Email Scott Blake
Phone: 372-2565
N/A14264 W. Tierra Buena Lane,
Surprise 85374
Highland PrecinctJordan Ray
Phone: 372-8300
Luke Thomas Palmer
Phone: 372-8307
372-830155 E. Civic Center Drive, Suite 55
Gilbert 85296 
Ironwood PrecinctEmail Joe Getzwiller
Phone: 506-1589
Email Billy Joe Spurlock
Phone: 506-1589
683-6412209 E. Pima Street, Gila Bend 85337
P.O. Box 648 
Kyrene PrecinctEmail Sharron Sauls
Phone: 372-3400
Email Ben Halloran
Phone: 372-3510
372-3494201 E. Chicago Street,
Chandler 85225 
Manistee PrecinctEmail Donald Watts
 Phone: 372-2000
Email Lennie McCloskey
 Phone: 372-2567
372-206814264 W. Tierra Buena Lane,
Surprise 85374
Maryvale PrecinctEmail Andy Gastelum
Phone: 372-8002
Denice Garcia
Phone: 292-0242
372-820310420 W. Van Buren Street, Number 102
Avondale 85323 
McDowell Mountain PrecinctEmail Michele Reagan
Phone: 372-7000
Email David Lester
Phone: 372-7635
372-791018380 N. 40th Street,
Phoenix 85032
Moon Valley PrecinctDeborah Begay
Phone: 372-7000
Carl Seel
Phone: 372-7634
372-791018380 N. 40th Street,
 Phoenix 85032
North Mesa PrecinctEmail Kyle Jones
Phone: 480-926-9731
Jon Curtis
Phone: 480-497-2443
N/A1837 S. Mesa Drive,
Mesa 85210
North Valley PrecinctEmail Gerald William
Phone: 372-2000
Email Mike Rowe
Phone: 372-2566
372-346814264 W. Tierra Buena Lane,
 Surprise 85374 
San Marcos PrecinctEmail Jay Tribshraeny
Phone: 372-3400
Email Nathan Wallace
Phone: 372-3479
372-3468201 E. Chicago Street,
Chandler 85225 
San Tan PrecinctEmail Sam Goodman
Phone: 372-3400
Email Stephen Allen
Phone: 372-3445
372-3441201 E. Chicago,
Chandler 85225
South Mountain PrecinctEmail Cody Williams
Phone: 372-6300
Email Mahogany Kennedy
Phone: 372-6314
372-6410620 W. Jackson Street,
Phoenix 85003 
University PrecinctEmail Tyler Kissell
Phone: 372-3400
Email Karyn Lathan
Phone: 372-3421
372-3414201 E. Chicago Street,
Chandler 85225
West McDowell PrecinctEmail Teresa Lopez
Phone: 372-6300
Email Rudy SantaCruz
Phone: 372-6312
372-6408620 W. Jackson,
Phoenix 85003
West Mesa PrecinctEmail Elaissia Sears
Phone: 480-964-2958
Email Brandon Giles
Phone: 480-649-2652
969-10982050 W. University Dr.,
Mesa 85201 
White Tank PrecinctEmail David Osterfeld
 Phone: 372-8003
Email Mark Sinclair
Phone: 372-8193
372-820510420 W. Van Buren Street, Number 103
Avondale 85323


Central Court - CriminalJay Adleman372-5497
Durango Facility - JuvenileSara Agne506-8288
Central Court - Criminal

Arthur Anderson

Old Courthouse - FamilyBradley Astrowsky372-2048
North East Court - FamilyAlison Bachus506-7596
North East Court - Presiding Judge - Civil

Cynthia Bailey

Central Court - Family

Justin Beresky

North East Court - FamilyDawn Bergin372-2961
Central Court - FamilyMichael Blair372-0305
South East - FamilyJohn Blanchard506-3005
Old Courthouse - FamilyScott Blaney372-1095
Old Courthouse - FamilyMark Brain372-1141
East Court - CivilRoger Brodman


North West Regional – Presiding Judge - FamilyLori Bustamante506-0423
Durango - JuvenileRobert Brooks372-3367
North East Facility - CivilTheodore Campagnolo372-0537

South East Juvenile – Family

Rodrick Coffey372-1783
Old Court House - Presiding Judge - FamilyBruce Cohen


South Court - Criminal

Suzanne Cohen372-1916
Central Court - FamilyGregory Como372-0754
East Court - Civil

Connie Contes

South Court - CriminalKatherine Cooper


East Court - CivilChristopher Coury


South East Facility - Presiding Judge - CivilJanice Crawford372-0844
South East Facility - JuvenileKristin Culbertson


Old Courthouse - JuvenileDavid Cunanan


North East Court - Family

Adam Driggs


Central Court - CriminalSally Schneider Duncan


Central Court - CriminalDean Fink


Central Court - CriminalGeoffrey Fish


South Court Tower - Association Presiding Judge -CriminalRonda Fisk372-1011
North East Court - CivilLisa Flores372-0825
Central Court - CriminalGeorge Foster


Central Court - CriminalDewain Fox


South Court - CriminalJeanne Garcia


East Court - Presiding Judge - CivilPamela Gates506-6391
Durango Facility -JuvenileJo Lynn Gentry


East Court - LCA

Douglas Gerlach372-5851
Durango Facility - JuvenileMichael Gordon


South Court - Criminal

Warren Granville506-0434

South East Facility - Juvenile

Jennifer Green506-0438
South Court - CriminalJohn Hannah


Central Court - Criminal

Michael Herrod372-0359
South Court - CriminalStephan Hopkins


North East Court - FamilyMelissa Julian


East Court - CivilMichael Kemp


North West Regional Center - FamilyJoseph Kierfer


East Court - Associate Presiding Judge - CivilDaniel Kiley


East Court - Presiding Probate JudgeAndrew Klein


South Court - CriminalRonee Korbin Steiner506-1927
Old Courthouse - Presiding Judge - JuvenileJoseph Kreamer


Central Court - FamilyMargaret Labianca372-1694
Central Court - FamilyTodd Lang


Central Court - FamilyKerstin LeMaire


East Court - CivilMargaret Mahoney


South East Facility - FamilyMichael Mandell372-5052
East Court - CivilDaniel Martin372-2925
South East Facility - FamilySuzanne Marwil


East Court - CivilScott McCoy372-3603
Central Court - CriminalKathleen Mead506-2500
Central Court - CriminalJoseph Mikitish372-1547
Central Court - Family

Scott Minder

South Court - Criminal

Frank Moskowitz

East Court - CivilRosa Mroz


Durango Facility - JuvenileKaren Mullins372-1160
Old Court House - Juvenile

Sam Myers

South East Facility - CriminalDavid Palmer


South Court - CriminalSusanna Pineda372-2958
East Court - Association Presiding Judge - ProbateJay Polk372-0874
South East Facility - FamilyAdele Ponce372-2168
North East - FamilyJohn Rea372-0382
Central Court - CriminalLaura Reckart506-5861
South East Facility - FamilyJoshua Rogers506-1603
South East Facility - JuvenileJeffrey Rueter372-5465
Central Court - CriminalTimothy Ryan372-3081
South Court - CriminalJennifer Ryan-Touhill


East Court - CivilTeresa Sanders506-4791
South East Court - FamilyJoan Sinclair372-4553
East Court - CivilJames Smith372-5945
South Court - Presiding Judge - CriminalPatricia Starr506-4614
East Court - CivilSherry Stephens506-4818
Central Court - CriminalHoward Sukenic506-8214
Durango Facility - JuvenilePamela Svoboda372-1983
East Court - CivilTimothy Thomason506-0573
Central Court - CriminalPeter Thompson


South East Facility - JuvenileDavid Udall506-5514
North West Regional - Associate Presiding Judge - FamilyLisa Ann Vandenberg372-6595
East Court - Presiding - Civil/TaxDanielle Viola506-3442
Durango Facility - JuvenileRandall Warner372-2966
Old Courthouse - FamilyKevin Wein506-7618
Old Courthouse - Presiding JudgeJoseph Welty372-2537
South East Facility - CivilTracey Westerhausen506-6251
Central Court - CriminalChuck Whitehead372-8496
Old Courthouse - JuvenileChristopher Whitten372-1164
South East Court - JuvenileCassie Woo372-3592

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